Building Certifiers?

What are Building Certifiers?

Building certifiers can work for either a government agency or operate privately. They can be checking building and land before during and after a development has taken place. Pending on the country or the state they will need to work to the appropriate building standards.

As mentioned, a building certifier must carry out inspection at various stages of the build. They will be checking things such as;

  • Will the building be safe?
  • Has the building been designed well?
  • Has the building been constructed well?
  • Fire safety and escapes?
  • Pest Protection?
  • How is the sewage, drainage and ventilation, can they see any future problems or risks?
  • Insulation and energy saving?


Always make sure you choose a building certifier that has full certification and relevant experience. If in doubt contact and expert we highly recommended Sydney based building Certifiers HK Certifiers.

Not all building work requires approval, the best person to ask if you need approval for any building work is a register building certifier within your local area. You should never construct any type of dwelling without first checking this information.

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