Talking Cars?

The next step for cars is that we will have technology that allows them to talk to each other….Thats right Cars that communicate with each other on the road! Multiple car manufacturers, such as Ford, are currently testing a system that will allow vehicles to communicate with each other in order to reduce accidents on the roads. The Technology¬† will allow a car to send and receive signals¬† and to share information between cars on the road. The goal is to establish algorithms allowing the vehicle to avoid another vehicle driving towards it. The technology could also have other uses, such as allowing a vehicle to communicate with traffic lights and other road infrastructure. We asked a well established car mechanic and car servicing company Nepean Villiage auto Penrith what they thought, “being a car mechanic ha changed more than you could imagine over the years, gone are the days if it being all spanners and oil, nowadays we have computers diagnosing the majority of issues we experience with our cars, we embrace the change as it makes our roads safer and we always need human input to make sure these computers are getting things correct”

With cars now talking to each other we ask ourselves whatever next!

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