How Has Technology Changed The Construction Industry?


The human race have experienced huge growth in the technology and science that it has never seen before in the past. Today, most of the processes in the industry are automated and achieved with the help of machines and computers. It has helped in reducing the human labor and time that is associated with producing and manufacturing.

Ever since the start of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, industries have become more and more dependent on technology and machines to do their work. This is particularly true in the field of manufacturing industries and particular with heat treatment specialists. Another sector that has been heavily been influenced by the growth and introduction of new technologies is the construction field.

We still marvel at the great historical wonders of the world and how the people of those years possibly build them without the help of complex machinery and rigs. But these great marvels of the constructions are a cake walk to today’s engineers and architects. This is especially due to the advancements in the technology associated with designing and building the structure. Here, we will be talking about some of the important technology advancements that have changed the face of the construction industry.

  • Designing software

No list of the most important technological advancements in construction will be full without talking about the different planning and designing tools that allow the engineers or architects to design and plan their architectural wonders. Software like Revit and the likes have become an essential component of every engineer’s arsenal. These apps make planning the structure a piece of cake in the hands of an experienced person.

  • Mobile devices and apps

The use of mobile devices and apps has to be one of the most important advancements in the field. There are many new heavy duty devices today that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the construction site and better lit screens to work in the sun. These devices and the apps help you to keep track of your activities, the plan and other important aspects of the construction. These devices can also allow you to access, share, and edit the different parts of the process on the go easily.

  • BIM

BIM is a new and advanced technology that involves generating and managing the digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of places. Now, it is possible to connect the BIM model with your mobile devices, which allows you to work with them in the real time.

  • Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is a great boon to anyone who has to assess and analyze the site. Detailed measurements and analysis of the site can be made with the help of laser scanning. The fact that these data can be directly inputted into your CAD or BIM means that you can work much faster and efficiently.

  • All the machinery used

It is no doubt that all the structures that we have built to date would not be possible without the help of the technology. May it be the cranes that we use to build skyscrapers in months or the bulldozers used to move the earth around, it would not be possible without the help of technology.

These are just a few of various ways technology has changed our construction industry.

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